Site Development
his site was developed in the idea of the so called liquid development.
The goal of liquid development is to make the site expand or contract
according to the clients computer screen. I knew it was possible to do
that with images files but my greatest challenge until now was to make
the type expand or contract as the site adjust to the new client's size
For that, I found the engenious code of Zach Leatherman. His code was only part of
the solution. To find a way to apply the code on a production design, that was for
me a challenge! After many attempts, I got a system going that works much like tunning
a guitar. It is not perfect for running type as this one you are reading right now.
But we can get close and that is enough to make it work. Those that are a little
bit more savy with the code can go to the source code and compare it with the CSS.
It is a combination of Java and CSS. Go ahead and test the page by contracting and
expading it and see if everything follow the screen proportion of your machine!

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