About Us
ALC Designs is a Knowledgeable and Multi Faceted Art Services
with many years of experience in the Art World specializing in
consulting, curating and installing art shows developing an
extensive relationship with many Artists in the Bay Area.
As a Sole Proprietor of ALC Designs for many Years, Alexandra is
providing informative, knowledgeable and professional services to many
clients throughout San Francisco and Bay Area. Alexandra holds a Bachelors
degree in Home Economics, Minor in Interior Design, performing services as:
Art Broker, Gallery Director, Curator, Corporate and Residential Consultant.
ALC Designs was founded by the vision of Alexandra Lee Cefalo and it is one of
the first business to provide Corporate Art Services in San Francisco since 1989.
Through our business history she have worked and provided services to many happy
and satisfied clients.

ALC Designs Fine Art Services
All Rights Reserved ALC Designs Fine Art Services
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